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Sajid Javid, he’s the Communities secretary by the way, has announced this week in the Conservatory party conference that all Letting agents in the country are to be registered and regulated under new legislation soon to be introduced. I certainly feel that this is a good thing.

Hi everyone, 

Ok, so I know that the headline may not mean much to you but please bear with me for a few minutes as if you are, have been, or are thinking of becoming a client of ours, then there is a change happening within the industry that will almost certainly prove to be of relevance to you either now or in the future.

Purplebricks last Wednesday night on prime time TV rejected claims that it has led vendors 'up the garden path'. On the Watchdog programme on BBC1, one seller complained that their Local Property Expert was in fact based 30 miles away. Another complained that the Purplebricks advert on TV said it would “'old her hand', but it had not. The vendor went on to sell through a high street agent. Other parts of Watchdog focused on how sellers who deferred payment have to sign up to a credit agreement with Close Brothers, saying they had not been warned about this.

I sometimes lose the will to live, again, when I hear that Nottingham City Council are applying to the Government for permission to set up yet another TAX on landlords…what the hell is going on and when will all this stop?

Hello Everyone,
Wow guys! Are we seeing an MP talking sense and sticking up for the Landlord at last?

I have been waiting a long time for this, and he has echoed my thoughts and comments over these past few months. Just look below at Ian Duncan Smith's comments which is a vote for common sense. Maybe the Landlord has an ally in Government after all. Although it remains to be seen if it makes any difference...

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