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Hello Everyone,

Do you remember in my last blog when I spoke about the correlation between my granddaughter and Landlord’s? My granddaughter on playing hide and seek, simply putting her hands to her face thinking that I couldn’t see her, compared to landlords keeping their heads down hoping that the new lettings rules and regulations ‘won’t get them’ - it won’t happen to me syndrome...

Being a landlord myself, I get that mentality and completely understand where it is coming from. However, at the end of the day that’s not the answer is it? These are intelligent people we are talking about, they know it, but choose to ignore things because they cannot be bothered to read about it with the view that if it hasn’t happened yet ... it won't if I keep my head down!

This reminded me of myself and what I have recently been through...

After a very careful examination I heard the words, “Pete you’ve got an enlarged prostate” the doctor said. I asked, “what does that mean?". He followed with, “You’ve got to go and see a Urology specialist”...

“Hello, lets have a look", said the very nice Urology consultant. “You’re not going to hurt me are you”, I said, as I was still walking through the door! “I’m not very good with pain!” and then the words every man throughout his life dreads to hear, “bend over” said the nice man. After this very quick examination, “Ok, I think it's best if we had a closer look at this” he said. Closer? How much closer can he get. OH NO! I thought, and he immediately sent me into an adjoining room where another very nice man was waiting to perform a ‘Truss biopsy procedure’ on me, (look it up) a feeling of vulnerability came over me for some reason.

In the aftermath of this I was told, “Peter I think you made a very wise decision in agreeing to this today as one side of your prostate is very firm”, to which I responded with, “is that unusual then”. “Don’t worry, we’ll do a blood test and let you know the results of this procedure” he said. Don’t worry ! Why do doctors say that? That was February 2015. March 27th 2015 came with good news from the consultant, with the words ‘all clear’ and to “carry on as normal but we will keep an eye on things because, although you are ok your PSA blood reading level is at 2.1". Up to the age of 60 its acceptable level is 3.0. Time passed, with blood taken every few months. The reading went up every time, however I had left the last reading far too long as I had put my head in the sand and didn’t want to face it. After all... it won’t happen to me!

…2.12, 3.0, 3.6 then finally 4.9. Enough is enough said the kind man and off I was sent to go for a scan. "Hello Pete, Marilyn (the wife)", the consultant said, "I am sorry but you’ve got Cancer". That was 23rd December 2016.

It would take too long to describe my emotions at the time as it didn’t seem real, but it was on the lines of what? How can this be happening to me? It always happens to someone else doesn't it? I agreed to have it removed 25th February this year but that’s another story.

What am I getting at here? Is this not the same with a Landlord faced with a barrage of new laws rules and legislation? Knowing that he or she really should educate themselves about what’s going on, but if they keep their heads down it might all go away? But really knowing if they are honest with themselves that it won’t. These were my own emotions at the time.

So the message is if you are going it alone in this very fast moving period of BTL, look up the legislation and educate yourself or leave your property in the hands of another very nice property consultant, just like me!

See you next time,


Pete Mitchell
Managing Director

P.s. If you are over 50 get your prostate checked, it doesn’t hurt, HONESTLY!
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