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Hello Everyone,


I sometimes lose the will to live, again, when I hear that Nottingham City Council are applying to the Government for permission to set up yet another TAX on landlords…what the hell is going on and when will all this stop?

The Council are applying to set up a Licensing scheme in Nottingham, which will cost the Landlord around £600 for each rental property they own, just to get it licenced with the council. This is so that they can send someone out to check if the property is up to standard. That’s what we get paid to do as your agent.

I am trying my best for you guys. I have recently written to the Chancellor, my local MP and Ian Duncan Smith about this, with Mr Duncan Smith seeming to be the only minister who seems in any way to be voicing an opinion in favour of the Landlord. I will relay my response to you as and when I get a reply.

I think they forget that it is us Landlords that are doing a great service for society in housing thousands of people across this country. If they keep bashing the private rented sector like this they will find more Landlords selling up and exiting the market. Then it will be left down to the Government again to find homes for the people that will be made homeless as a result. Oh, unless they put a ban on a Landlord being able to sell their homes… now that wouldn’t surprise me!

Best Wishes

Pete Mitchell
Managing Director


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