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Pete's Blog

Hello Everyone,
Wow guys! Are we seeing an MP talking sense and sticking up for the Landlord at last?

I have been waiting a long time for this, and he has echoed my thoughts and comments over these past few months. Just look below at Ian Duncan Smith's comments which is a vote for common sense. Maybe the Landlord has an ally in Government after all. Although it remains to be seen if it makes any difference...

“Dad, you need to write to all our landlords and tell them about the rules on Right To Rent Checks", my son said... I did laugh! “Who would be interested in that”, I said, ‘but it’s important Dad”, “I know”, I said, “But all this new legislation is so overwhelming”...

Do you remember in my last blog when I spoke about the correlation between my granddaughter and Landlord’s? My granddaughter on playing hide and seek, simply putting her hands to her face thinking that I couldn’t see her, compared to landlords keeping their heads down hoping that the new lettings rules and regulations ‘won’t get them’ - it won’t happen to me syndrome...

I was playing hide and seek with my granddaughter yesterday and when it was her turn to hide she went into the corner of the room, turned her back to me, knelt down on the floor and covered her eyes with her hands thinking that I couldn't see her. Needless to say it took me ages to find her! This reminded me of many landlords I know who are doing the same thing, putting their hands up to their faces, closing their eyes and hoping that all the recent changes in lettings legislation will just go away or even won’t apply to them… Wrong!  

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